The Vogue Hommes International bouquet

photos Bastiaan Vandenberg

The master florists present at my flower trend seminar in the stunning Villa Aurélienne in Fréjus have also brought along their key apprentices. Their work has brought some insight into the next generation of florists, and it is not necessarily pretty. This is a good thing, because flowers are not just fresh greeting cards that convey homogenized sentiment, but powerful symbols of emotion and sexuality (an area where, as we have seen previously, flowers have proven themselves quite innovative). Georges Bataille wrote quite a provocative text on the language of flowers, which includes such observations as “Men have linked the brilliance of flowers to their amorous emotions because on either side, it is a question of phenomena that precede fertilization.” You should read the entire essay, which is quite short and you can find it all here…

But back to my seminar… One apprentice in particular, Guillaume (who is pierced with more thorns than a rosebush) came up to me and said he felt inspired by the “transgression” part of my presentation and a series he saw in the latest Vogue Hommes International. I told Guillaume to go for it and create the bouquet of his dreams. Here it is:

A Dark Gem.





~ by lisacwhite on April 5, 2008.

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