The Hyacinth Girl

photos Bastiaan Vandenberg


These are the only flowers missing from the garden shot in my last post (and they would have updated that Luxembourg palette quite nicely)… My florist friends know that I am on a mission to enlarge the colour palette of hyacinths. Did you know that they exist in yellow, orange, aubergine and many other shades? But most shops only stock the pink, white and blue blooms because they think no one will buy anything else (this is the floral equivalent of stocking only white, black and grey shirts)… But consumers are so much savvier and open to colour that now is the time to tease their visual palettes. So, next time you go to your local florist, encourage colour diversity and ask for yellow hyacinths… Until then, enjoy these:


Butter Fresh.



~ by lisacwhite on April 14, 2008.

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