The incredible lightness of the dandelion was one of the most inspiring elements of this year’s Milano furniture fair. Perhaps because there is so much heaviness in the world–economic, political, social, industrial– the fragile aura of the dandelion is a timely antidote.

Omnipresent in late spring, the dandelion is free and easy. Sturdy in stalk, it is highly volatile in head: one breath and seeds fly…

The above image is of the Dandelight, by Lonneke Gordijn, one of the young partners in Drift design. She painstakingly hand-mounts each dandelion seed onto an LED light fixed to a phosphorous bronze stalk fed by a battery. Her idea is to create an amalgam of what she sees as two extremes, nature and technology, and to express a fragile vision of the future.

The image below is of the Paper Chair by Junya Ishigami for Canon. The chair is designed to resemble a sheet of paper, with pencil-like sketches of dandelions inkjet printed ever-so-lightly onto its surface. The installation was presented as a field of dandelion-chairs, sitting in dazzling sunlight…

Delightness of being.




~ by lisacwhite on April 17, 2008.

One Response to “DANDELIGHTNESS”

  1. they use to light this space iodure lamp, the same as the lamp you can see in the glass house, for growing plants : it’s a very surreal light, exageration of the day light. The mix (light print on paper) and this light produce a nice dialog.
    I love your blog Lisa. Waiting for your next post…

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