The peonies are in full bloom, making the month of May such a sensual season… This particular specimen is a rare fragrant hybrid, found at the Odorantes boutique in Paris. Their tiny jewel of a shop, painted in deep grey in order to showcase the flowers, is located at 9, rue Madame on the Left Bank, and definitely warrants a weekly visit. Their discreet distinction is to carry only scented blossoms–capturing and elevating that ever-elusive sense missing from most modern hybrids. Roses, of course, carnations, sweet peas… and this amazing peony that is so large, so full-blown, that they cannot bear to sell it…


The porcelain flower in the foreground is by botanically-inclined ceramist Antonella Haffaf.

I am blown away by the beauty.



~ by lisacwhite on May 12, 2008.

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