I spent one of those gloriously long French weekends in sunny (yes, sunny) Normandy. Coming around a bend, I was struck by an island in the middle of a wheat field. It appears that some extra dirt had been bulldozed into a mound in an uncultivated part of the field, and over time it has become colonized by an eclectic profusion of plants: wildflowers, nettle, dandelion–and colza. It is interesting to note that the colza field is half a kilometre away. Appreciate the distance:


In light of the fact that global giants such as Monsanto are suing small farmers for breach of patent when, among other things, GMO plants are found in their innocent fields, I am pleased to learn that the GMO bill (projet de loi sur les OGM for you francophones) that would have opened the doors to increased GMO production in France was voted down yesterday–by one vote. In a country where quality has always been a matter of national pride, be it quality of food, of fashion (and, yes, of flowers!) or of any other creative industry, this is an important step to protecting French standards and national identity. For those who wish to participate in a petition to prohibit open field GMO in France, please sign here. As you can see, every vote counts!



~ by lisacwhite on May 14, 2008.

One Response to “ISLAND WITNESS”

  1. looks like a green ¨Capri¨, Stromboli or any other perfect holiday place.. love the see of green

    Looks like normandie becomes tropical..

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