You will never guess for whom this rose is named… Julio Iglesias. Yes, the perpetually tan Latino-pop crooner. At Courson, the PR person for Meilland roses explained their naming process: either Meilland looks for People (in the star-struck sense) from its list of contacts, or People come to Meilland looking for publicity. In either case, the celebrity in question signs his or her name over to the hybrid company, who will make any and all profits from the sales of the flowers. It is an honorific situation for the namee, a lucrative situation for the hybridist. Who has invested more? In any case, the celebrity rose is definitely a trend… When will we have the Madonna rose? The Britney blossom? Soon, I fear…

In the red department, I also apprecitated the “Blaze” peony, which is, in fact, an awe-some blossom. No celebrity credentials, though…



Naming Beauty…





~ by lisacwhite on May 18, 2008.

One Response to “Starstruck?”

  1. qu’est ce qui fait que Julio est Julio ? le côté citon-fraise ?
    en tout cas on imagine bien l’avantage que Julio tirera de la Julio…
    merci Lisa

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