SCENE AT CHELSEA 3: Grey Gardens


Curiously enough, though the flowers inside the tented Great Pavilion were kaleidoscopic in colour range, most of the gardens outside were rather subdued in tone. Green gardens, leafy, random, and wild with vines or moss were prevalent, as were grey gardens (minus the Edies) showcasing grey-green plants, slate, earth and stone. The overall effect was quite peaceful and natural, which is a difficult thing to achieve in a company-sponsored, temporary garden in the middle of a major city. The above garden is sponsored by Dupont Corian (yes, Corian has even made it into the garden–where will it show up next?) and the one below is a sunken garden by the Chinese Artist Shao Fan, sponsored by KT Wong Charitable Trust and De Beers. Never has a garden been dug so deep on Chelsea grounds–one gets the impression that an entire acre of earth has been transported straight from China to England, then sliced into chunks. The plants are symbolic and medicinal Chinese species, the roots are often apparent, yet the garden itself seems to be disappearing before our eyes. He’s making a point, that Shao Fan… Anyhow, it was very popular with visitors and the press–note the TV cameras at the bottom of the image.



Grey matters…



~ by lisacwhite on May 22, 2008.

One Response to “SCENE AT CHELSEA 3: Grey Gardens”

  1. love the chelsea pictures , must be a total weird experience to go there, from kitsch to art, from champagne to barbeque babes.. weird surreal kind of horti-disney??

    thanks for so much information : )

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