Check out Dutch designer Hella Jongerius’ enamelled copper plate, Floweraven. A bird/flower/utensil hybrid, it is an interesting example of Jongeruis’ design, which is often in traditional techniques (here, the rare and delicate Japanese enamelling), unique material mixes (the extreme fragility of enamel, the malleable strength of copper) and a contemporary sense of decoration (the precise placement of the flora/fauna/flask illustration, the sketchlike prize ribbon on the edge). Colour-wise as well, it is a perfect example of her work, which is almost always in shades of red and green. Blood and Chlorophyll. Stop and Go. Stop, because it lists at $3500 a plate at Moss NYC, and Go, because it is great and perpetuates an art in danger of disappearing.

A rare bird.



~ by lisacwhite on June 3, 2008.

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