Mum’s the Fashion…

I was just invited to attend the beginning of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Young Dutch designer Edwin Oudshoorn‘s kickoff at the Oude Kerk was quite the spectacle. Imagine, if you will, the flower-inspired dresses of this rather romantic designer, shown as living tableaux with armfuls, vase-fuls, and floor-fuls of chrysanthemums (yes, chrysanthemums can be fashionable again…) in the ancient light of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam’s notorious Red Light district (Oudshoorn is one of a small group of designers who has recently taken up atelier space next to the prostitutes on Warmoestraat). The experience was quite surreal, as we sipped cocktails in the desacralized nave and watched the chrysanthemum prints and colours twirl, swing and twist to the movements of the live models, with light filtering in from stained glass windows… I love the idea, but was hoping for a bit more audacity with the flowers. 

This particular colour arrangement is nice for the coming fall, though:

Fashion inspired by flowers, flowers inspired by fashion…



~ by lisacwhite on July 18, 2008.

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