Nature and Culture: Spring into Autumn

It is September 1st and the prospect of falling into Autumn has suddenly made me nostalgic for its opposite, Spring. Which reminds me of a fantastic body of photos by Christophe Maout. His “Spring” series, shot over a three year period, takes a look at architecture from the closer viewpoint of nature. Inspired by many forms of architecture, from Bauhaus to Zaha Hadid, Maout begins his work there: “My departure point is always the building: after finding an edifice that could complete the series, I being looking for the vegetal–everything happens on site.” It is interesting to note that, no matter how urban the context, there is always a plant present, even if pushing through a crack in the sidewalk or going to seed in a fallow field.

Shot with a short focus that perfectly balances the nature/culture equilibrium, the monumental side of even the smallest, most insignificant plant shines through, briefly touching, so to speak, the most imposing of architecture. Though it is sometimes difficult to believe, nature and culture are one and the same, as Maout explains: “Nature and architecture are represented without one devouring the other, each is simply another aspect of the same relationship.”

Poetry, not paradox…



~ by lisacwhite on September 1, 2008.

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