Just opening at the Salon du Prêt-à-Porter here in Paris, three Florathèques (a play on the French word for bookshelf: bibliothèque) I have designed with master florist Gil Boyard and VGTAL 3D (see previous post of August 31). Here is the official text, accompanied by the unofficial photos (professional photos will follow…): 

Lisa White is The Horticulturalist and trend gardener. For “Explosion de Modes” Spring-Summer 2009, she proposes trends in colour, shape and texture in the form of “Florathèques” of plants and flowers. In the future, fashion and flowers will be growing ever closer: the botanical world is a never-ending creative garden of Eden, but the relationship between fashion and flowers is interesting in both directions. For example, designers create textiles and clothing  inspired by nature, while creative florists and hybridists are in turn inspired by the fabrics of fashion, developing and combining new tones, tactilities and forms that reflect changing trends. These Florathèques translate the three main themes of the Spring-Summer 2009 season into living, breathing, 3D floral prints, for mind-oxygenating inspiration:

Candy Castle (nb: these are not my titles…) is alive with English roses and vines, spirals of orchid roots and juncus, dotted with candy-coloured berries and wild with Venus fly traps…

Primitive Diva is patterned with a background of earth and minerals, sown with darkly spellbinding Begonia Rex leaves and bright with cactus fruit…

Recycled City Chic is a mix of plastic and plant, with grey tillandsias that live on air alone, campanulas and violet anthuriums…

The fashion of flowers / the flowers of fashion,



~ by lisacwhite on September 5, 2008.

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