It is Fashion AND Design week in London, and I am here with stylist Graham Hollick and photographer Josh Van Gelder setting up our APPETITES show for The Flower Council of Holland, which will be a feeding frenzy of flowers and tableware… Curated by Jane Withers and hosted by The Brompton Design District in South Kensington, APPETITES & EMOTIONS (its sister show) opens tomorrow. Until we have professional images of the installation, here is my text that is the basis for the concept, plus some of the amazing shots Josh did especially for the show:


Signs of Desire in Floral Design

“It appears at first that the symbolic meaning of flowers is not necessarily derived from their function. It is evident, in fact, that if one expresses love with the aid of a flower, it is the corolla, rather than the useful organs, that becomes the sign of desire…”  – Georges Bataille

Flowers and plants are timeless muses in the creative process… In form, colour, texture and print, they wind their ways into fashion season after season, climbing up skirts, blooming across dresses… and constantly renew the language of design, working themselves into wood and weave, sowing their petals across porcelain and paper, digging their roots deep into the décor…

Flowers are the incarnation of creative desire. Their wondrously provocative shapes and shades captivate the mind and tempt the tongue and fingers. They awaken the sensual appetites and thus are often found at table, in breakfast bunches, luncheon landscapes, dinner arrangements and midnight floral feasts. In the flesh and in the figurative, they tease and titillate our hunger…

The APPETITES exhibition underlines this vegetal vision of decoration and desire, offering a groaning board of seductive blooms-beckoning orchids, blushing roses, luscious carnations and voracious carnivorous plants, among others-spliced with design elements both vintage and contemporary to create a hybrid of nature and culture…

Proposed by Lisa White, the Horti-Culturalist and trend gardener, whose aim is to tend and grow the ties between horticulture and all aspects of contemporary culture, in association with Graham Hollick, stylist and art director, Appetites is a garden of earthly delights that will bring a feast of flowers to Design Week, seeking to untangle the tendrils of nature and culture, design and desire, and let them grow back again together, with a twist…

Delicious Dendrobium (among others)…



~ by lisacwhite on September 14, 2008.


  1. I had been visiting London from New York for a few days and stumbled across the Design Festival which lead me to your Appetites show. I was jarred to say the very least. Thank you for something refreshing and awe inspiring. I am placing you as my first link to my blog lea blüm. Please keep in contact and know you have an admirer in NYC.

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