Tulipomania and the current market…

Tent London had some very interesting elements this last week. One of the most eye-catching was this new mural technique from Surface View. A tulip print from the Natural History museum was applied to bare bricks to create a huge mural with a paint-like finish.

I have always been a fan of the type of “broken” tulips, pictured here, that set off the legendary Tulipomania craze in Holland in the 1630’s, which culminated in a market crash in 1637–widely regarded as the world’s first speculative bubble.

It took years and the fortunes of many men to reproduce the variegations now available in the historical “Rembrandt” tulips as currently collected and sold by my friend Ronald Van der Hilst in Antwerp.

Interestingly, at the design fair in Milan, one of the most successful home interior installations was proposed by Missoni: huge tulip prints on walls, floors, sofas and even on wrapping paper–an inspiration to the floristry industry for new kinds of bouquet papers…


I particularly like the controlled striped cushions mixed juxtaposed with the wild tulip patterns, and the real tulips wrapped with the tulip prints…

This all makes me think that we are in for a time of wild fantasy for Spring and Summer 2009 and beyond. We definitely need a break from reality, and what better way to escape than to submerge ourselves in flowers? And these days, flowers are probably a better investment on the stock market than banks or real estate…


You bet…



~ by lisacwhite on September 23, 2008.

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