It is fashion week here in Paris and plants are playing a significant role… I just returned from the opening of the new Issey Miyake boutique on Rue Royale… The fashion show earlier in the day was entitled “Colour Hunting” as artistic director Dai Fujiwara took his team and 3000 colour samples to the Amazon forest in order to find “authentic” plant colours for the collection. They chose a restrained palette of 8 colours which are surprisingly pale, subtle and peaceful. You can see part of the show here, on their website.

The boutique itself features a marvellous installation of leaves playing music, a “Jungle Phone” conceived by Fujiwara and the engineer Keiji Koga.

Basically, a living leaf is transformed into a speaker, transmitting music that literally vibrates through it, from stem to tip. The leaves can be moved from port to port (each port is sort of a test-tube vase) in order to mix the strength of the different compositions (all created for the installation by Sacha Gattino). The overall effect is discreet and subdued yet instantly remarkable, like a whisper…

But what sound would the plants make if they could sing, I wonder…



~ by lisacwhite on October 1, 2008.

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