I had always understood that lupines (or lupins, if you are not from the US) were extremely toxic, but apparently they have been used in commercial foodstuffs for over 15 years… The seeds of “sweet lupines” are not only edible, but are considered an attractive alternative protein, much like soy beans. (Please note that “bitter lupines” are quite toxic and not to be ingested.) There is even an industrial product out now, called Lupidor, which is increasingly used in baked goods to eliminate fat without affecting “mouth feel”. This does not sound incredibly appetizing, but apparently it is quite a breakthrough for those who are lactose intolerant and still  want to enjoy their processed food. Though I would personally avoid the Lupidor, it might be interesting to have a few roasted lupine seeds with cocktails…

Currently most of the world’s lupine seed production is in Australia–just think of the beauty of the growing fields…



~ by lisacwhite on October 14, 2008.

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