Scenting Daphne


One of the prizewinning hybrids at the Salon du Végétal was this new Daphne plant. In the sterile landscape of a professional fair, it’s heady fragrance functioned like a siren scent… A winter-flowering shrub, its perfume must be all the more pungent in order to attract pollinators numbed by the cold. Interestingly, the curiously shaped petal-less flowers are associated with poisonous berries, for a seductively dangerous plant… 

Remember Daphne? She was the wild beauty who fled the love of Apollo. As she ran from him, her lovely body became covered in tender bark, her hair grew into leaves, her arms developed into slender branches and her feet took root. Her face became a tree top, retaining no resemblance to its former self, save for its beauty… Quite a lovely myth of unrequited love: read all of it here



~ by lisacwhite on February 23, 2009.

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