Most of us know of Courson for its legendary Journées des Plantes, held over a weekend in the spring and fall: the couture show of the plant world. However, the magnificent chateau and grounds, just half an hour outside of Paris, are now open on weekends all year-round, with special events planned at key moments. The camellias are currently in bloom, and this weekend was their couture moment, with a stage set of chic rows of individual blossoms, sitting primly next to their place cards. Max Hill, the director of the International Camellia Society, was on hand to present the flowers and answer questions, and at precisely 15:00 heures he and Monsieur Fustier (of the château itself: he and his wife started the plant shows over 20 years ago) and local politicians came together to baptize a new camellia hybrid…

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the Camellia “Jardins de l’Essonne”, an alabaster beauty, below… Remember that camellias are prized for the perfection of their petals, for their absence of perfume (so that, like Coco Chanel, one can tie a blossom around one’s wrist like a jewel, and still wear one’s favourite perfume) and for their reputation of attracting riches…

All the better to embellish you with, my dear…




~ by lisacwhite on March 15, 2009.

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