Today was the special pre-view day at Chelsea. The gardens were finished to perfection and the crowds kept to a minimum. Creative celebrities abounded (Ringo Starr and Helen Mirren, both gardening fans, came early) and all visitors were dressed to the nines. Stephen Jones, below, came in a jaunty cap and green shoes, and hats were worn in abundance, despite the wind whipping off the Thames. 

Stephen Jones

Not just in gardens, flowers were worn in the hair and strewn across bags and blouses…

chelsea girl

As if to capitalize on the glamour, new flower hybrids imitated hair, like this amazing green Allium that confirms the trend towards sophisticated garlic and other vegetable blossoms!:

chelsea hair garlic

Last, but not least, notice the bright red regalia of the Chelsea pensioners: those veterans who live at Chelsea Hospital and wear dashing coats, accessorised with shiny medals. Apparently, the men are given whatever they want, from plants to pants as they walk about town, heros still. This spry pensioner was most intent on capturing images of the gardens… so I captured him.

chelsea buildup pensioner


~ by lisacwhite on May 17, 2009.

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