The Chelsea Flower Show is spreading all over the blooming neighborhood! In celebration of the event, the Sloane area promoted horticulturally driven displays in shop windows, with a prize given to the most creative…

Sloane Bloom street

Cartier, above, designed huge floral “trees”, while Tiffany, below, proposed enormous urns bursting with white blossoms, green leaves and bumblebees…

Sloane Tiffany

With ‘Floral Fashion’ as this year’s theme, even menswear turned over a new petal… 

Sloane Bloom men

Jo Malone, who also sponsored a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show last year, has won the Sloane in Bloom contest every year since it began in 2006. This year, she was also promoting her new frangrance, Red Roses, with a huge, heady display of real blossoms…

Sloane Bloom Jo Malone

But this year the medal went to Liz Earle natural skincare, for their “British woodland” installation. I arrived as they were installing the window garden, which was looking quite stunning, though I am not sure what chrysanthemum balls were doing in a British woodland. (A great idea to revamp the chrysanthemum nonetheless!)

Sloane Bloom Liz Earle

Cultivating one’s brand image with plants: fresh and ecological…



~ by lisacwhite on May 28, 2009.

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