Jardins Jardin 2

Jardins Jardin, Paris’ largest and chic-est gardening fair just opened in the Tuileries Garden this evening. The weather was sublime, as only June in Paris can be… Show gardens, terrace gardens, balcony gardens… One Parisian particularity was the Extérieur Design section, curated by Aude Charié with Sara Lubtchansky. This design village presented innovative contemporary design within a horticultural context. My personal favourite was Alexis Tricoire’s canopy bedroom, composed of Lianes (vines), creeping with orchids and greenery, Babylone, a lamp and garden all-in-one, and Oreillerbes, pillows with grass growing on part of the surface…


Jardins Jardin


Of the show gardens, two stood out in particular. Eminent landscape artist Louis Benech’s garden for the country of Jordan was a series of four “rooms”, each one containing a garden within a panoramic diaporama landscape. Windows in the rooms allowed one to look in, but also see through to the other side, creating a fascinating play of dimensions…

Benech Jordan garden

And Laurent Perrier sponsored yet another magical garden (one can feel they have been doing this for years…). Conceived by two young landscape artists, Andy Cao and Xavier Pierrot, the garden is inspired by air. Undulating, frothy grasses, delicate flowers, and mother-of pearl leaves on an aluminim tree were set against the dramatic architecture of the Orangerie. It made everyone stop in wonder…

Laur Per Paris garden


~ by lisacwhite on June 4, 2009.

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