Massant 1

New design evolves, new flowers are designed: at Maison et Objet in Paris today Massant,  Addenda and Gluxing have together created an encounter between the worlds of culture and horti-culture.

-A romantic, poetic, creative furniture collection for the garden grows from the roots of an exceptional, historically accurate cabinetmaker: Massant.

– After over ten years of meticulous development and selection in New Zealand and Denmark, a generously flowering new plant is designed by a quality-driven cooperative of 22 plant growers in Belgium and Holland: Addenda.

-A surprising and sustainable corporate “green identity” service and floral decoration company will soon bloom from the combined efforts of the highest level florists, landscape and interior architects and trend forecasters (including The Horti-Culturalist): Gluxing.

Massant 3

This innovative, hybrid cooperation between the three companies is symbolized by the “pixellized” plant wall designed by Gluxing to showcase the new Hebe plant developed by Addenda: the Veronica ‘White Princess’. Historically, veronica flowers have always been blue; this plant and flower is a unique white variety that underlines the veronica’s symbolic reputation for fidelity and perseverance. From the Latin vera iconica, the veronica is an icon of truth and strength in a world of doubt and difficulties.

For four days inside Maison et Objet, Massant, Addenda and Gluxing combine, on a luxury level, the design of a live garden experience,


Massant 2


~ by lisacwhite on September 4, 2009.

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