Chrysanthemum Explosion

Gady window

The French are not intrinsically fond of the chrysanthemum. It reminds them of graveyards and the dull Toussaint holiday that announces the coming dead-of-winter-months. So, when The Horti-Culturalist, who always relishes a challenge, was invited to create a floral concept for French designer Jean-Marc Gady’s fantastic AMO vases at the Forum Diffusion design gallery here in Paris, I chose the mum. How to give the chrysanthemum, which is actually an amazingly shaped, long-lasting flower, a dazzling new identity?

gady single chrys

Since the vases look like glass canons, the idea of a fireworks display of chrysanthemums came immediately to mind. I selected vibrant hybrids with names like “Energy” and “Vesuvio” and florist Laurent Tanguy helped install them as a sort of explosively vegetal Murakami… The hybrids will change over the three-week exhibition, but here in photos from the opening you can see the rays of these power flowers offering a stunning display of organic pyrotechnics…

Gady night 1

Floral Ammo!



~ by lisacwhite on September 17, 2009.

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