courson tiny rose

Despite the overcast autumn weather, there was plenty of freshness at Courson this morning, beginning with these tiny rosebush hybrids, baptised “Ami des Jardins” They have been patiently developed by Guillot Roses, who are celebrating their 180th birthday this year. The founder, Jean-Baptiste Guillot, was one of those passionate rose hybridists that made Lyon, France the rose capital of the world in the 19th century.

courson sedum

Just as fresh, and more in keeping with the season, were the fall colours of this Sedum Sieboidii, which has turned a warm, almost appetizing, hue of ripe apricots, (or of macaroons)…

courson buddha's hand

And the strangely fascinating Buddha’s Hand lemon tree will never cease to amaze… This must become an ingredient for a fresh, meditative perfume!

There were also vibrant red maple trees and curious white chrysanthemums, but I think I am fighting off fall and winter, as long as possible…

Cool Courson,



~ by lisacwhite on October 16, 2009.

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