In hommage to Soulages, the painter “of black and light” the new Gluxing group has just created the “Noir Lumière” garden at the SLICK art fair in Paris. From October 23-26, inky black bonsais, luminous autumn crocuses, violently violet Wanda orchids and other unusual organic material make up a 50-metre long strip down the centre of the VIP space, itself suspended in the middle of the fair at the Centquatre, Paris’ most recent contemporary art museum.

SLICK central

Soulages invented the term “outrenoir” to describe his work: “ultra-black, beyond black, a light reflected and transmuted by black. Outrenoir: a black that ceases to be itself to become luminous, a source of secret light. Outrenoir: a mental space that isn’t that of ordinary black.”

The idea was to offer a new “mental space” to visitors, to show the light present in the face of the dark and difficult times many people, be they artists or bankers, are currently facing. Despite, or perhaps because of, the financial crisis, the creativity that is happening beneath this surface black is just coming to light… Put simply, the roots, branches and bulbs of the past will bloom again with incandescent blossoms in the future. Innovative hybrids will be a result, like this bright purple leucocorine with grey leaves: it is pure invention today, but not tomorrow…

Slick new flower

The past and the future are also present in the furniture selected by The Horti-culturalist: unusual antiques chosen from the Puces Paul Bert-Serpette are mixed with the most recent prototypes and editions from Moustache, a brand-new French furniture editor:

Slick furniture

So who is behind all of this? Gluxing is a new group made up of three specialists: Marc Mignon, florist and interior decorator, Pierre Mugnier, landscape architect, and Lisa White, your Horti-culturalist. We have created this group to develop organic spaces, green corporate identities, and floral installations for stores, brands and both public and private spaces. Gluxing, or “green luxury”, also seeks to renew the image of flowers through design, and design through flowers.

There you have it.



~ by lisacwhite on October 23, 2009.

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