The magnolia, the quintessential tree of the American South, is best known for its fragrant, incandescent blossoms that glow like candles from deep in its dark foliage. Yet magnolia bark, which curls a bit like cinnamon when cut, is making news in the food industry. Long used in traditional Chinese medicine for a vast array of maladies, including as an anti-stress remedy, Wrigley chewing gum has published a study that shows how magnolia bark extract, known as MBE,  inhibits bacteria in human saliva. Translated: magnolia bark extract makes for fresher breath. A tiny .02 percent concentration of MBE was reported to reduce bacterial populations by 99.9% after only 5 minutes. Wrigley’s has accordingly filed a submission for novel foods approval for the extract with the UK’s Food Safety Authority.

Hopefully, soon we will all be popping Magnolia Mints,



~ by lisacwhite on January 12, 2010.

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