The Paris couture shows have continued their ode to nature: again this season, in just about every show, one could enjoy a “femme fleur” or a “femme feuille” as designers indulge in their desires to transform women into living flowers.

At Chanel, where everything was silver and pastel, all of the girls had big hair and floral bows and quite a lot of pale petal frou-frou detailing.

At Givenchy, one stunning dress was an amazing dégradé of purples, evoking a new hybrid of  fragrant lilac-meets-carnation flowerheads:

And at Dior, where huge bouquets of roses provided a theatrical backdrop, the American equestrian-inspired collection included a leafy green silk number with pink pistil gloves:

But my absolute favourite was Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Aztec-meets-Avatar collection, with dresses and accessories inspired by woven palm leaves and Mexican flowers:

Even the fingernail polish was green, à la Patrick Blanc…

The handbags were like folded fronds, very natural yet nevertheless practical:

But I think my favourite item was the shoes, seemingly woven around the foot like real leaves…

If the shoe grows, wear it…


PS: Do check out the Gauthier article at, as well as the interesting piece on natural design.


~ by lisacwhite on February 2, 2010.

One Response to “COUTURE NATURE SPRING 2010”

  1. These are great! I would be the envy of the neighborhood.

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