The Campana-Cliquot Garden

Upon arrival in Milan, one of the first points of entry was the Veuve Cliquot space designed by the Campanas: a vertical garden (of course) and a pergola design in orange metal wiring based on their Corallo chair (below):

This highly successful chair for Edra was first translated into a tiny pergola model:

Then created by hand in their atelier in Sao Paolo.:

The “Gloriette”, as the Campanas call it, is destined for the lawn outside the Hôtel du Marc, the private hotel that Veuve Cliquot is restoring with the help of an international group of designers. The idea is to be able to taste their champagne al fresco, under an inspiring structure…

In France, this type of structure is also called a “folie”, which can be translated as a “folly” , or a crazy piece one would make and enjoy on a whim. In Milan, the Campanas multiplied the craziness by including mirrors, which brought the Gloriette into infininite directions…

And the champagne did taste better underneath…



~ by lisacwhite on April 21, 2010.

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