Did you ever make a terrarium as a kid in the 70’s? Flower Power is making a comeback, and so are those fascinating little green worlds… Kali Vermes of Grow Little makes positively poetic ones in her Paris atelier. She takes hand-blown glass bubbles and fills them with the miniature plants of your choice.

The plants then go about living their own lives while you observe them through their glass bubble. Like a Planet of the Plants, one can imagine all sorts of things happening in these tiny, verdant worlds.

These wonderlands are completely contemporary, yet besides their 70’s vibe they also hearken back to Victorian curiosity cabinets and Wardian cases, and even Dutch still life paintings.

If you are not near any terrarium creators in Paris, New York or San Francisco, you can make your own by following the video here.

They are also a fantastic way of finally owning your own piece of land…

~ by lisacwhite on June 27, 2010.

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