SLOW, 11 Women and 400 Daisies

After Slow food, Slow sculpture…

As a participant of the newly launched Ten Ten Ten project at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, USA, Dutch jewelry  designer Ted Noten decided to work with the museum’s Womens Auxiliary group. In the North Carolina’s genteel southern social climate, one wonders how Noten conjured up this project: after all, he is the man who conceived the iconic acrylic women’s designer bags containing golden guns…

Noten found the women to be the strong driving force–culturally, organisationally and financially–behind the museum, and his project is in homage to their powers. He created a 3-D printed nylon bust based on Grace Kelly and 10 other women throughout American History. He then gold-plated the bust and covered it with 400 3D-printed daisy magnet pins. During the opening on October 1st, and every year, the 22 newly elected board women will each be able to take a signed and numbered pin from the bust, slowly revealing the face beneath.

Of course, the daisies are also a teasing commentary on women’s social clubs and Junior League tea parties. But the Women’s Auxiliary can take it…


~ by lisacwhite on October 11, 2010.

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