New design evolves, new flowers are designed. Lisa White, Chic Art Fair, Kordes and Reineri have together created an encounter between the worlds of culture and horti-culture.

The result of this innovative hybrid cooperation is a new rose, the ‘Chic Paris’, designed and refined to inaugurate the very first Chic Art Fair in Paris.

Created by nature but designed by man, the ‘Chic Paris’ rose has been several years in the making, at one of the world’s most important rose breeders, Kordes.  Born from their highly diverse gene pool, the ‘Chic Paris’ rose is a vibrant white with green shading, reflecting the green architecture of the prestigious Cité de la Mode et du Design, home of the Chic Art Fair.

This event is conceived and orchestrated by Lisa White, your Horti-Culturalist, who creates ties between nature and culture, art and industry. She is backed by Reineri, a company that links Holland’s finest growers and breeders to leading floral artists and designers. The aim of both Lisa and Reineri is to showcase the highest-quality, rare flowers at cultural events, to demonstrate to the public the incredible variety available in nature.

On Saturday, October 23, the  Kordes rose will be officially baptised the ‘Chic Paris’ at the fair’s  Art and Design Prize ceremony. The winning artist and designer will also become the official godparents of the ‘Chic Paris’ rose, which will then be available in France under this name.

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~ by lisacwhite on October 21, 2010.

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