Flowers, Fashion, Blossoms, Beauty, Plants, Prototypes, Botany, Buildings: horticulture is an integral part of all Culture, all cultures, increasingly implicated in every aspect of design and life.

Lisa White is the Horti-Culturalist, developing creative and commercial hybrids between plants, flowers and contemporary culture. As former Editor-in-Chief of Bloom magazine and a consultant in the horticultural and design industries, she and her new team Gluxing conceive and implement green spaces and floral identities and experiences for stores, brands and luxury hotels, renewing the image of flowers through design and design through flowers.

This blog is a organic entity, and the intention is to disseminate ideas and inseminate inspiration across the board, showing how the vegetal world influences the creative design world and vice versa: how a garden becomes a floral print for fashion, how a popular consumer colour becomes a new hybrid blossom. The goal is to unearth and untangle the tendrils of nature and culture and let them grow back again together, with a twist.

CONTACT: lisa.white@orange.fr


4 Responses to “About”

  1. very very good blog, love it and i am happy with what you offer us everyday .

    Now next to the satorialist there will be the horti culturalist to watch..

  2. Looking forward to discover your new site “en germination”, très joliment dit.
    Very happy to discover you in the last issue of “profession fleuriste” which I read at school.
    Marvellous the pictures of Christophe Maout !
    Thank you for your blog. It’s an ispiration and you are right, maybe flowers and gardens will be a good alternative in this transitory preiod of bankruptcy ! I never had money and I can’t feel lighter !
    Best wishes.
    Elena Lionnet

  3. I love the flower poetress

  4. Lovely. I love your photographs–quite stunning.


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